Brittny Bush in Brave Little Company's upcoming production of  Grandpa's Garden . 

Brittny Bush in Brave Little Company's upcoming production of Grandpa's Garden


A girl and her grandfather. A bountiful garden. A hidden key. A family mystery. A classroom full of brave and inquisitive students.

These are the basic ingredients of the proposed project that will become Grandpa’s Garden: an immersive, interactive piece about plants and their roots – and families and their roots. It's a piece that Brave Little Company artists, educators, and children will create together. 

First, we will innovate through meaningful collaboration with students at an under-resourced elementary school. Students will receive their first introduction to theatre education – and we will gather their valuable input toward the creation of this piece. They will teach us how to best portray their ideas, thoughts, fears, hopes, words, and actions. Preference for this FREE residency will be give to schools that are part of the Arts Access Initiative

The second innovative aspect will be creating a piece that is performed for classroom-sized audiences, rather than large assemblies. This allows the performers to be more improvisational, to break the fourth wall, and to blur the lines between actor and teaching artist. 

Third, we will develop theatre-based extension activities in science for classroom teachers to continue the class’s exploration of family history and science before and after the performance.

This project will be funded in part by a Founder's Grant for Project Development from the Children's Theatre Foundation of America.

It'll be an amazing experience! We hope you can meet us in the garden.